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 Paul Lynton is one of the country’s leading digital and traditional licensing, copyright marketing, and compilation experts for audio and audio-visual products. He is acknowledged as an expert in world-wide music/audio visual copyright, digital rights licensing for all uses including premiums, promotions, synchronisation, marketing, merchandising and traditional online audio and audio visual releases. With a highly successful track record, including many hits in music production and publishing to draw upon, Paul has acted as a major consultant for some of the world’s top companies and organisations advising on all aspects of international rights licensing, audio visual production, sales and marketing for all manner of intellectual rights.

 Paul’s successes in the 70’s include: the role of Creative Manager at “Carlin Music Corporation”, where he worked with world-renowned acts (and copyrights) including Elvis Presley, Motown’s roster of artists, Philadelphia International artists and E L O. Paul had a company in association with Lord Grade (Pye Records/ATV Music) and generated many hits both in terms of recording and music publishing rights. As General Manager of “Hansa”, at its time a leading record and publishing company and the number one record production company in the world, the roster of artists Paul worked on included Boney M, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder. Paul was also responsible for the world-wide signing of Japan.  Through Hansa, Paul was assigned to assist the CEO of Ariola Bertelsmann at the time to launch BMG in the UK. Subsequently, Paul was Divisional Managing Director of “Pinnacle Records” one of the first independent Distributors achieving many independently distributed and manufactured hits.

 The mid 80’s saw Paul focus on television advertised products, becoming a major free-lance consultant.  Paul was responsible for the first major TV advertised retail mega-mix concepts, (the innovative forerunner of today’s DJ mixes) and achieved double platinum sales for his “Sixties Mix” and “Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Mix In The World,” as well as many other notable mega-mix hits including “Hit Mix” and “Shalamar”. His other achievements include the first double platinum TV advertised album for Pavarotti, “The Pavarotti Collection”.

 Paul has worked/liased with many major companies and organisations including the BBC, Carlton, QVC, Universal, EMI, BMG, WEA, Sony, Sanctuary, Prism Leisure Corporation, Paul was advisor to the “BBC” and “Carlton Entertainment” for the “Dancing In The Streets” TV series – “The History Of Pop Music” – and was also heavily involved in the launch of a new innovative games machine product from “Bell Fruit”, which  enjoyed great commercial success, based on the “Top Of The Pops” TV programme (in association with the “BBC”).

 Paul is a shareholder of Ricall and through his company had been retained by Ricall Limited acting as advisor in various capacities including spearheading their business affairs and copyright areas. Paul was the main strategist involved in bringing together in one location 3m+ tracks from thousands of copyright owners covering hit and back catalogue music, production music and unsigned music to enable licensing at every price point to fit most budgets. Paul negotiated  and secured ground breaking world-first licenses for copyright usage in new technology, including digital, internet, databases for music copyrights with the MCPS and the PPL and major recording and music publishing rights owners. In addition Paul has worked with Ricall on the clearance of rights for usage in commercials, films and Special Projects including mobile and Internet rights.

 Paul is also a shareholder and Director of “Lynton Muir Music Ltd” which controls the massive German, Austrian and Swiss 1979 and 1980 multi-million selling single, ‘A Walk in the Park’ and the No 1 USA Dance Hit, “A Little Bit Of Jazz” and various other hits by the “Nick Straker Band”. Paul is also a shareholder in Servecity Ltd who control the publishing for the 80’s hit “Drowning In Berlin” by The Mobiles. Paul also produced that hit as well as many other hit productions. Paul was also a visiting lecturer/examiner at the University Of Westminster MA MBM Faculty on the B.A./M.A. Commercial Music degree courses.

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