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The Brinkman Brothers Book Now!

You want to know about hits?

Ask Vin and Tin, The Brinkman Brothers. They are all over YouTube. The notorious Brinkman Brothers rep once spread throughout the gangster underbelly of London. Their cult status is growing faster than those unsubstantiated rumours about the Cricklewood blag, which they violently deny, as Mickey the Mouth will testify, when he gets out of intensive…

The Brinkman’s are hot property, but their past is strangely shrouded in mystery. The double act have become a success through their ‘witty’ yet sometimes ‘naïve’ anecdotes on football as well as other general news topics!

Rights Highway’s reporter Peter Paul talks EXCLUSIVELY to the boys and tries to find out more…

Vin and Tin stare menacingly at me.

Vin: What you lookin’ at?

Tin: (Talks from the side of his mouth) It’s that Bio fing.

Vin: They paying?

Tin: Yeah… readies.

Vin: Want it. Now.

(I quickly hand over a thick brown envelope)

Vin: Right, wot d’ya wanna know?

PP: (I smile nervously) Well, just a bit of background on the two of you, like … er … born?

Tin: London. Where else?

PP: (Stupid question- cockney accent should have been a clue!) Do you still live there?

Vin: No.

Tin: Feydon Boys.

PP: Either of you married?

Vin: My ex is lazing about on the Costa Fortune.

PP: Kids?

Tin: I got six suits.

PP: (I’m confused) Sorry?

Vin: Ee means paternity suits. All in the hands of our briefs, Con, Bent & Scam.

Tin: We do a lot with them.

PP: I bet you do.

Tin: Wot?

PP: I mean … er … we all need help sometimes.

Vin: You’ll need ‘elp if you start gettin previous.

Tin: Right. You done or what?

Vin: Ee should be.

PP: I just wanted to ask about all the football stuff you’ve got on YouTube.

Vin: Wot abaht it?

PP: Strong opinions there, you really tell it like it is.

Tin: Yeah, it’s eezee cos we know it all.

Vin: Like Fabio in the World Cup, people say he was crap

Tin: … but we know he was a star.

Vin: The man’s a legend.

(See Brinkmans on Fabio – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aKyO0w25PE)

PP: Who do you support?

Vin: We got our own team.

Tin: Brinkmans United. We never lose.

PP: (I give a misguided grin) I’m not surprised… I dare say you bury the opposition!

Vin: I fink someone needs a sortin’ out!

Tin: Right!

Violent scuffle.

Peter Paul is currently on vacation at a secret location…

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