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In the mid 1970’s Tony Rae attended a two year course on hypnosis and then a further year developing his technique. Within a matter of months he had earned himself a fine reputation using his skill for therapeutic purposes. This was then extended to after dinner and motivational speaking. He has even performed as an unusual after dinner speaker for Manchester United Football Club, at the Chairman’s dinner.

Chairman of the British Council of Professional Hypnotists since 1995 Tony Rae is an effective and professional example of all who would aspire to the world of hypnosis.

Tony has appeared on several TV shows, not only in the UK but as far away as Japan. These include “Jane Goldman Investigates” for Living channel, “30 Minutes”, “Weekend Live”, “This Morning” for ITV1, “Network” and “Kilroy” for the BBC. “ID”, and “Major James Hewitt under Hypnosis” for Channel 5, “Ash”, and “Richard & Judy” for Channel 4, “Scream Team” for UK Living. He is well known for his broadcasts on over 40 radio stations, and regularly features in the press.


For the last 19 years he has developed his skill further in Past Life Regression, working with individual clients and also now has extended the opportunity to discover the past lives of groups of people. From private House Parties he now includes Theatres, Restaurants, Hotels, even Castles amongst his clients.

Tony Rae has become renowned as the No1 Past Life Regressionist taking clients back as far as 3000 BC with amazing results. Some subjects change sex, others will speak fluently in a foreign language they have no prior knowledge of. Under regression with Tony they will draw or write with their eyes closed in the style of the period of that time.

Many of those who experience discovering their past lives with Tony comment on the feeling of contentment and self knowledge that they gain. For most people the past life that he takes them back to is the one that has the most influence on the life they have today.

The choices and decisions that we make now, our thoughts, the places, things, and people that we like, and those we don’t, are all linked to the lives we had before. For many people going forward means understanding our past lives and how they shape the way we are today.

Tony now holds regular Workshops giving those who attend the opportunity to discover their past lives. These have proved very popular and highly successful.


Tony Rae has an extensive knowledge and enviable reputation for solving life problems with great success.  His taking back control technique overcomes all kinds of fears and phobias, such as a fear of flying, fear of spiders, and more unusually a fear of cucumbers.

For over 5 years he worked with Dudley Zoo taking groups of people who had a fear of Spiders, Rats or Snakes, with a success rate of 99:99%.

From Slimming to Stopping Smoking, Confidence, PMT, Stress, IBS, Inadequate Sleep and over 50 other types of problem he is available to help.

Tony Rae’s MINDPOWER process is used by corporate clients to enhance the success of their workforce and team building.  His highly successful techniques can be applied to many areas in personal and business life. He also helps many private clients, sporting figures, well known figures.  but due to confidentiality is unable to reveal their details.  Tony Rae is constantly approached for his one to one expertise in overcoming all kinds of life’s obstacles by major personalities and high level sports celebrities.